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“The Top 87 Realtor Blogs 2016”

I don’t know who David Feldberg or Coastal Real Estate Group is, how he/they made their selections, or even why the magic number was 87. But, this blog’s on the list (Yay!). Each of the 87 featured blogs includes a headshot and a summary blurb; here’s mine: “Ross Kaplan is a realtor in Minneapolis and...
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Tweaks to City Lakes Blog Roll

New Links: ‘Behind the Mortgage,’ ‘St. Paul Real Estate’ For the uninitiated, a “Blog Roll” is where each blogger can add links to other Blogs or Web sites that they’re fans of. In my own case, it’s: a) based purely on who I regularly read personally (vs. quid pro quo’s or commercial considerations); and b)...
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Blog Rankings

The Twin Cities’ 40th Best RE Blog? Really?? Run a Google search on “Twin Cities’ best real estate blog” and what do you find? Not this blog. At least, not in the top 25 hits (“City Lakes Real Estate” was actually 40th as of this morning — at least before this post pushed it up...
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"Cotton Balls, Kleenex’s, and Wet/Dry Vac’s"

Absorption Rates: Window to R/E TrendsIt’s easy to get swamped by real estate statistics, which is why a catch-all like the “absorption rate” is so popular. In one, broad number — measured in months — it tells you how long it would take to absorb the current inventory on the market. Four months or less...
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