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Chris Snowbeck on Price Reductions

Twin Cities Motivated Sellers The Twin Cities ranked seventh among the 50 largest cities in the U.S. in terms of the share of reduced-price listings, with 34% of for-sale listings in the 13-county metro area [seeing] price reductions as of Sept. 1. The size of the average price reduction in the Twin Cities was 9...
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Pioneer Press article

Local Reaction to Case-Shiller Numbers Apparently, Case-Shiller’s March statistics showing a 6% drop in Twin Cities house prices provoked a range of reaction, including some questioning its accuracy. Chris Snowbeck’s piece in the St. Paul Pioneer Press today, “Home Prices Dive — With an Asterisk,” does a nice job cataloguing the responses (including a quote...
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Latest Case-Shiller Numbers

“Are the Case-Shiller Numbers Right?” Chris Snowbeck at the St. Paul Pioneer Press is soliciting local Realtor and lender feedback to the latest Case-Shiller housing statistics. The (absymal) March numbers showed a record one-month fall of 6% in the Twin Cities. Snowbeck’s question to the “experts” (myself included): ‘are the Case-Shiller numbers accurate?’ Here’s what...
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