soft drink

1. Minnesota’s 10-Second Weather Report (According to Saturday Night Live)

Getting One Out of Three Right We’re in Minnesota, so here’s the weather forecast: the rest of April: cold; May: cold; June: cold; July: somehow hot as hell. Back to y’all.” –Saturday Night Live; cold open (April 10, 2021). As a Minnesota native and long-time Twin Cities resident, I can attest to the “perpetually cold”...
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“Big Oil,” “Big Tobacco,” “Big Pharma” . . . “Big Soda?!?”

WSJ Headline:  “Big Soda Fights Image as Public Health Enemy” Yup, apparently “Big Soda” is a real term. According to Wikipedia: “Big soda is a term used by the media and various activist groups to describe the soft drink industry as a collective entity. The term connotes the business and lobbying power of soft drink companies, much like...
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