slow market

“Gone (Ice) Fishin”

How to Tell if a Seller (or at Least Their Agent) is Around in Late December Just because a house isn’t officially “TNAS” (“Temporarily Not Available for Showing”) doesn’t mean that the owner is around — and available to do a deal, if the Buyer likes the house and wants to make an offer. In...
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What’s So Bad About a Flat Housing Market?

The Virtue(s) of a Slower, Quieter Housing Market Apparently, at least a few industry players are trying to spin what is expected to be modest price appreciation in 2015 into something . . . bigger. See, “Projecting 2015 Housing Prices Using Statistical Sleight of Hand.” I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to embellish...
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Why the Market Feels Slower to Most Realtors Than Statistics Suggest

Not All Listings Are Created Equal Notwithstanding fairly steady Fall listing and selling activity, there is a perception afoot amongst many Twin Cities Realtors now that the market is deceptively slow. How can that be? Here’s one theory:  while showings statistics overall are flat to slightly down, they’re unusually concentrated amongst a relatively small percentage of...
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