Seller’s disclosure

Buyer Feedback: ‘Win, Place, or Show’

Category #4: ‘Out of the Money’ My favorite metaphor for how close a listing is to selling is temperature (“Listings and Pots of Water“). So, a new listing starts out at room temperature, heats up as showings (and second showings) accelerate, and reaches a boiling point by the time a strong offer (or two) comes...
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Seller’s Seller’s Disclosure

Are 2 Seller’s Disclosures Better Than 1? By law, Minnesota home Sellers must provide prospective Buyers with a disclosure detailing the condition of their home. If one Seller’s Disclosure is good, is a second — the previous Seller’s disclosure — even better? If the owner has been in the home a relatively short time —...
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Homes as Meth Labs

Balancing Home Disclosure GoalsToday’s New York Times has a tragic story detailing the various health (and financial) calamities that befell one Tennessee family after they unwittingly bought a home that had formerly been used as a meth lab. As recent Minnesota home buyers and sellers can attest, Minnesota requires Sellers to disclose whether their home...
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