Russia collusion

William Barr, Trump’s Former Attorney General, Announces That He is Re-Resigning From Justice Department

Takes Pains to Distinguish Himself From “Traitors and Enablers” Who Waited Until After January 6 Satire Alert * * * Satire Alert * * * Satire Alert [Note to Readers: Can’t wait for April Fool’s this year? Need to vent (some more) after last week — and 10+ months of pandemic? If so, keep reading ....
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Use the Bathroom Already. Please!

Practicing Gender Diversity in the Restroom Oh, to go back to a simpler, more innocent time — like three(?) years ago — when bathroom gender battles occupied the nation’s spare moments. You know, not subjects like border walls, Trump tweets, environmental plundering, and Russian collusion. So, who should be able to use public bathrooms? Correct...
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