rising mortgage rates

Will Rising Interest Rates Cool Off a Hot Housing Market?

Powell Succeeds Yellen as Fed Reserve Chair “In Friday pre-trading, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note rose to 2.854%, the highest intraday level since January 2014.” –“Dow Set for Its Biggest Weekly Fall in Two Years“; The Wall Street Journal (2/2/18). It had to happen. With the stock market making record highs, and...
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Home Ownership and the Interest Rate “Lock-in Effect”

Rising Rates Deter Home Buying & Selling, Right?  Not Necessarily (and, who says they’re rising??) “Now that interest rates have begun to turn up from their historic lows, the housing market may face a problem called “the lock-in” effect, where homeowners are reluctant to move, since moving might entail taking out a new mortgage at...
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