“Wait ‘Til Next Year”: Refrain of Baseball Fans, 2014 Home Sellers (?)

Holiday Countdown Officially Begins, or “T Minus 26 Days” to Black Friday With the calendar now showing November(!), home Sellers who are serious about selling in 2014 are well-advised to revisit their current asking price. Especially if their home has been at that price for more than 30 days. That’s because most home Buyers are...
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Who Owns It?

Corporate vs. Individual Homeowner Owner:  National Residential Nominee Services Inc, 7500 Dallas Pkwy Ste 100, Plano , TX Taxpayer:  National Residential Nominee Services Inc, 7500 Dallas Pkwy Ste 100, Plano , TX –Property tax statement, Hennepin County One of the first questions I try to answer when checking out a listing is, “who owns it?”...
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“The Motivated Buyer”

Counterpart to The Motivated Seller “I have a buyer coming to town and we will be buying a home for them, next Tuesday/Wednesday.” –Realtor “broadcast” email, describing the Buyer’s price range, desired home criteria, geographic preference, etc. When you think about the housing market and motivation, most people think about Seller motivation. “Why are they...
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Sell in Fall, Or Wait For Spring?

“Wait ‘Till Next Year Spring!” A lot of prospective Minnesota home sellers are weighing that decision right now. Of course, many don’t have a choice:  a new job, bigger/smaller family, or health issues may be forcing them to make a change, now. Other Sellers have so much prep to do that, realistically, a Spring debut...
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“Is the Buyer Local?”

Showing Feedback — Upper Bracket Edition “Is the Buyer local?” –Question on showing feedback form for a Twin Cities upper bracket home “I know half of my marketing budget is wasted — I just don’t know which half.” –Marketing director lament The typical showing feedback questions — what the Buyer’s agent fields after showing a property —...
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Open House Traffic Report

Motivated Buyers In my post, “Labor Day Weekend Traffic,” I offered up the (Realtor) conventional wisdom about open houses during holiday weekends and other traditionally slow periods. Namely, that such open houses often make up in quality what they lack in quantity. So who came through my Golden Valley open house today? –A “downsizer” who...
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