Reinvesting When Terrified

Contrarian Call on a Famous Contrarian: Is Jeremy Grantham’s GMO a Good Bet Now?

From “Reinvesting When Terrified” to Investing Purgatory Investing expert Jeremy Grantham’s market calls have a funny way of being vindicated. In the 1990’s, he was early to sound the alarm about frothy tech and internet stocks. Too early. As a result, Grantham’s money management firm, GMO, hemorrhaged billions in investor withdrawals. What happened next? All the...
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Jeremy Grantham Withdrawal Pangs

Wanna Bet I’m Not the Only One? The number of people whose thoughts about the business and investing world I consistently and truly enjoy makes up a very short list; it includes Michael Lewis, Warren Buffett, Thomas Wolfe (when he writes about the subject), Matt Taibbi (ditto), Barry Ritholtz (when he’s not in rant mode and bothers to spellcheck), and...
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