Realtor bonus

Do Realtor Sales Incentives Work?

MLS: “$10,000 Agent Selling Bonus!” My gut tells me that Realtor sales incentives generally don’t work, based on the following, three-step logic: 1) Anything effective tends to be copied in the marketplace; 2) Empirically, home sellers (and their agents) seldom offer sales incentives to Buyers’ agents (above and beyond the payout commission, that is); 3) Ergo,...
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Guess Who’s Getting a Bonus?

Ok, so there are only three zeroes attached — or sometimes just two (vs. Wall Street’s five or six), but more and more MLS listings these days are dangling bonuses in front of the Buyer’s agent (called the “Selling Agent” once the deal has closed). Unlike a fatter commission payout, which the Buyer’s agent has to split with...
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Does a Fatter (Commission) Carrot Work?

Test your knowledge of today’s real estate market, and answer the following question: Does dangling a fatter commission to the Buyer’s agent — what Realtors call the “listing payout” — result in a faster sale, for more money? A. No. B. Yes. C. Sometimes D. It depends on how much. Answer:  “D.” (credit also given for...
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