Realtor attrition

2020 Edina Realty Legends

Real estate sales is a field known for notoriously high turnover, and a brutal attrition rate: something like 90% of all new agents last less than two years. So, it really says something that nearly half of all Edina Realty agents and employees have been with the company for more than 10 years, qualifying them...
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How to Pick a Realtor — Criterion #17

Fringe Benefits of Working With a Realtor in it for the Long Haul I doubt it makes many prospective clients’ list of hiring criteria. But it should. I’m thinking about Realtor longevity — specifically, how much longer the Realtor expects to be in the business. Realtor Attrition Why does that matter? Because something like 90%...
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Bump in Walk-In Traffic

What’s Behind It? The Edina Realty – City Lakes front desk is reporting a bump in walk-in traffic the last few weeks. A “walk-in” is exactly that:  someone who walks in off the street and needs a Realtor to help them buy or sell a house — preferably both. If it were a bit later into the Spring...
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“Yield” — Realtor Version

Yields Down in Housing, Too Yield to a saver is how much interest they get on their savings. To an airline or hotel, it’s how much money they make from a given seat or room, respectively. So, what’s “yield” to a Realtor? It’s how many clients they need to be actively working with to net a prescribed number...
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