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The Ultimate Way For Realtors on Vacation to Disconnect

Now, THAT’S Going Cold Turkey! Speaking from experience, it’s almost impossible to completely disconnect from work the couple of times a year I take a genuine break. Somehow, the resolve to only check emails once or twice a day erodes, or, some unanticipated issue with a file pops up that requires my (hopefully) brief attention. Which is why...
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New Real Estate Award Category: “Best Agent Assistant”

Housing Market Equivalent to “Best Supporting Actor” (in a Non-Musical Production??) First, a caveat:  while I do rely on colleagues to backstop me when I’m out-of-town or under-the-weather, I do NOT have a full-time assistant. That said, it seems like an oversight — in the spirit of the Tony’s, Oscars, etc. — not to explicitly identify and...
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