real estate pricing

Real Estate Math

The Case for Pricing Conservatively Quick:  which is more, 80% of “X” or 95% of “Y?” The answer:  it depends on what “X” and “Y” are. So, let me fill in some numbers, straight from today’s real estate market:  make “X” equal to $325k, and “Y” equal to $289.9k. Now, it’s possible to calculate the...
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The "Too Precise Price": Exhibit A

Why Not $145,403.14? This South Minneapolis home, located at 44xx 15th Avenue South, dropped from $149,900 to $145,403 yesterday. What’s magic about $145,403? (vs. $145,729? Or why not $145,403.14, if you really want to be precise?). The answer is, nothing. Rather, the owner and their Realtor are trying to avail themselves of two things: 1)...
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