real estate negotation

Listing Agent Refrain: ‘Put it in Writing’

Permission to Lowball . . . Denied As a listing agent (representing Sellers), I sure seem to be parrying a lot more of what I’ll call “verbal probing” these days. The gist of all the questions being lobbed by Buyers’ agents:  “would the Seller consider an offer significantly below the current asking price?” Thrust — and...
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"Negotiating Least"

“Brittle” vs. “Supple” Deals He who negotiates least, negotiates best. –saying OK, so that’s not how it goes (the original version substituted “government” and “governing”). But it’s still accurate. There are 3 reasons why that’s so, at least that I can think of. One. While some people actually like to negotiate — Realtors often do,...
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Reason for Tougher Negotations

“What’s That House Cost?” — Vol. #42 Want to buy 100 shares of Microsoft? If the last trade was for $25.43, it’s a good bet that you’ll have to pay . . . .$25.43 (or maybe $25.42 or $25.44). Want to buy a nicely updated, four Bedroom Colonial in East Edina? That’ll be . ....
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