Ray Donovan

Negotiating, Ray Donovan-Style: When a Tie = a Win

Playing Defense as Well as Offense Anthony Finney: So I had a contract drawn up to buy you and your company lock, stock, and barrel. Ray Donovan:  I’m not for sale [walks away]. Anthony Finney:  Ahh . . we’re still negotiating. –“Ray Donovan”; “Come and Knock on Our Door” (episode 3, season 3). You can...
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“Life Concierge” (= Personal Assistant on Steroids)

Mine Would Need a BIG Retainer Fee Apparently, there is now a job called “life coach.” I don’t need one of those, but I’d sign up for something called “life concierge” in a heartbeat. Millions of Jobs? You know, someone who could smooth out life’s daily hassles and aggravations, spell you with kids or clients when...
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“Ray Donovan” Review

“The first few episodes of “Ray Donovan” are disappointing ” grandiose, predictable and painfully slow.” –“Family Ties, Boston-Style, in Los Angeles”; The New York Times (6/27/2013). I just watched the first, terrific episode — I taped tonight’s episode #2 — and I think The New York Times’ TV critic got it exactly wrong. My take?...
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