Price increase

What’s Amazon Got Against Oatmeal?

100%(!) Price Hike at Whole Foods If inflation should ever rear its ugly head again, here’s a prediction about where it will first appear: no, not at the gas pump, in your cable bill, or at the pharmacy counter. More likely in the grocery aisle. Exhibit A:  Whole Foods’ just-doubled price for a cup of prepared...
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Now, THAT’S Inflation

Going  . . . Up The biggest price increase I’m aware of isn’t gas (up 40% in six months), groceries (up 20% in the same span), or health care (who knows??). It’s the price of online content (see, “Online Content:  No More Free Ride(r)?”). So, effective March 30, David Rosenberg’s “Breakfast with Dave” will be...
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Taking a Cue From the Post Office

Defying the Laws of Supply & Demand The post office wants to increase the price of a stamp by 2 cents to 46 cents starting in January. The agency has been battered by losses and declining mail volume. –“Postal Office Seeks 2-Cent Increase in Stamp Prices“; The NY Times (7/6/10) Let’s see . . ....
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Not Selling? Raise the Price

When is a Price Increase Really a Drop? Normally, you don’t raise your price when your home doesn’t sell. However, every rule has its exceptions. The best example of a legitimate price increase is when the homeowner has invested substantial money to correct a defect — for example, putting up a two-car garage where there...
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