Post-Covid(??) Mask Confusion

“No Shoes Mask, No Service” So, exactly how confusing ARE mask-wearing rules now? Confusing enough that I literally needed a spreadsheet (above) to keep track of everything. At least by my count, there are no fewer than six different mask possibilities in Minneapolis right now. “Minnesota Nice” Running errands in Linden Hills today, the most...
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Pundits Who Completely Whiffed on Current Housing Market Confidently Forecast Next 6-8 Months

Opaque Crystal Balls No, the title of this post (above) isn’t the real headline of a recent article forecasting what’s next for the U.S. housing market — or a send-up by The Onion. This is the article’s actual title, from The New York Times (4/22/2021): U.S. Home Sales Are Surging. When Does the Music Stop?” So, when...
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Definition, Please: “Hobby Farm” vs. “Farm Farm”

When a home on a large lot somewhere in the ‘burbs doesn’t scratch your itch, what’s next? There’s alway a cabin up north (it IS Minnesota, after all). Other alternatives include a vacation timeshare; a 2nd home in another part of the country; or simply increased travel — at least, once pandemic-related travel restrictions ease....
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Sunny Weather, Vaccines(?) Bring Crowds to Lake

Friday, March 19 @ 5 p.m.: Quarantine Fatigue + Spring Fever + TGIF No, I couldn’t tell if all those drivers were wearing masks. No matter. The warm temps (low 50’s) and brisk (10 mph) wind make a mask-free walk around Lake Bde Maka Ska (nee “Calhoun”) a low risk/high reward activity. I just finished...
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2. Last Tango in Halifax: Translating “British-speak”

England and America are two nations separated by a common language.” –George Bernard Shaw. One hardly needs to be British to enjoy “Last Tango in Halifax,” the terrific comedy-drama that debuted in 2012 (and that my wife and I recently binge-watched — who says that the pandemic doesn’t have any silver linings??). As a service...
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Winter Humor: Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay (& Elsewhere)

  Mind Over Matter Weather While rain is forecast for Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay this Sunday, the high temp is still expected to be close to 70 degrees. In the Twin Cities? Not so much (literally). In fact, the warmest it’s expected to reach locally the next ten days is 5 degrees, with...
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