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Pledge of Allegiance

Just Wondering . . . I attended a real estate industry function last week (no, that’s not what’s pictured at right) where the first order of business — after breakfast but before the formal presentation — was to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Call it corny, quaint, naive, theistic (yes, the pledge includes the line...
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Bank of America: Slashed Dividends, Billions in Pay

Dear Bank of America:Who Do You Think You %!#% Work For??First, a personal disclosure: my wife and I own a couple hundred shares of Bank of America. We’ve owned them for more than a decade, and they are now worth less than what we paid. Adjusted for inflation, we’ve actually lost more than one-third of...
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Sacrificing the Body (Politic)??

Lincoln et al on Wall Street “Often limb must be amputated to save a life; but life is never given to save a limb.” –Abraham Lincoln In sustaining Wall Street while adulterating everything else about America, are we violating Lincoln’s dictum? What we should be doing now is isolating, minimizing, and ultimately replacing Wall Street...
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Floyd Norris: ‘Save This Store’

Trickle-Down Economics, Wall Street-Style Floyd Norris, one of my favorite financial writers, ran a post earlier this week noting a recent London jewelry store burglary where the average bauble cost $1.5 million. That prompted this observation, “It will be hard for stores like this to stay in business if governments refuse to support bankers in...
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