The Art of Saying Nothing: Realtors vs. CPA’s

“This side appears to be brown.” –What a CPA says, when asked the color of a horse standing in a pasture 50 feet away. “Buyer no longer interested in property.” –Buyer’s agent explaining why they canceled a showing. CPA’s (I used to be) and Realtors (what I’ve been for 16 years) are equally adept at...
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Realtor to Client: ‘Don’t Think of It as $10,000. Think of It as $40/month”

(Too) Affordable Monthly Payments One of the best ways to deal with (financial) objections is to whittle them down to size. As salespeople know, there’s no better way to make a big(ger) number seem smaller than to shrink it into monthly payments. So, that extra $10,000 you might have to pay to get a house now...
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I Suppose That’s One Way to Deal With a “No Pets” Policy

Redefining “Full Service” I recently showed a Minnetonka condo that didn’t work for my client because of the building’s “No Pets” policy (we both somehow managed to miss that in the fine print). Upon hearing the objection, the listing agent volunteered that she would be “delighted” to find another home for my client’s dog.  How very, uhhh . . ....
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