Is That, “No, I Don’t Have It” or “No, It’s Not Working??”

Minnesota Seller Disclosure Confusion The heart of the Minnesota Seller Disclosure is an alphabetical table listing the home’s various features, followed by a “Yes” or “No” after each item to indicate whether they’re in working order. Since time immemorial, at least a few Sellers have misunderstood the “No” to mean, “No, I don’t have that item”...
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Edina Realty Steals a Page From Southwest Airlines, the NFL, etc.

“Taking Back Our Content” From Third-Party Aggregators Want to book a flight on Southwest Airlines?  You won’t find Southwest’s flights for sale on Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak or any number of so-called third-party aggregators “serving” the travel industry. That’s because Southwest Airlines understands — correctly — that these companies are ultimately competitors, and threaten its business model....
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