No pets

Condo Associations, Pet Restrictions, and the U.S. Constitution

MLS:  “Pets – Cats Allowed; Pets – Number Limit” As you may (or likely may not) remember from high school civics, the U.S. Constitution provides that any powers not expressly granted to the federal government are reserved to the states. When it comes to pet restrictions, condo associations are the same way. Not Expressly Allowed = Forbidden...
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“Umm . . .That-Might-Be-Tough-to-Find” Dept.

Unrealistic Buyers, Exhibit A; or “The Contract for Deed Catch-22” I fielded a Web lead the other day from a very nice gentleman looking for a larger (over 2,000 FSF) town home near the lakes in move-in condition. For under $250k. Where the town home association rules allow an 80 pound dog (he had one)....
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Condo/Townhome Deal Breakers

Common Interest Community (“CIC”) Rules & Reg’s Test your knowledge of Common Interest Communities — typically associated with condo’s and town homes — and answer the following multiple choice question: Which of the following is most likely to be a deal breaker in the sale of a condo or town home? A. No fireplace —...
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“Attention, All Condo Owners!”

How to Increase Your Property’s Value  . . . For Free! Psssttt! Hey, you!  Twin Cities condo owner! Want to increase your property’s value 2% – 3% — conservatively — without spending a dime? Seriously. What’s the catch? There isn’t one (unless, perhaps, you happen to have bad allergies). Have your building association revisit its...
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