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Looming Tax Law Changes: Should Home Buyers Rush to Close in 2017?

Counting Down to December 31 December 29 At least for Buyers’ agents, the answer to the question, “should I close on my home purchase in 2017, before any new tax laws take effect?” is easy:  “consult your tax advisor.” Fortunately, agents are able to field a related question: “is it still possible to close in 2017?” Closing Hurdles Whether a 2017 close...
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Term of the Day: “SALT Deductions”

Red States, Blue Cities I’ve been filing my taxes for a couple of decades now, and once upon a time was even a CPA. Still, I’d never heard the term “SALT deductions” until yesterday (it’s an acronym for “state and local tax deductions”). Wanna guess what one of the biggest bones of contention in the...
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