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“Smart” Home, Dumb Former Owner — & New Minnesota Real Estate Form Language

“Anti-Home Hacking Clause” Added to Minnesota Purchase Agreement Scarcely a month ago, I wrote about the case of a disgruntled Minnesota home Seller who exacted their revenge on their Buyer, post-closing, by remotely hacking into the home’s Nest thermostat (the story is that they waited for the new owner to go on vacation last winter, then...
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Is That, “No, I Don’t Have It” or “No, It’s Not Working??”

Minnesota Seller Disclosure Confusion The heart of the Minnesota Seller Disclosure is an alphabetical table listing the home’s various features, followed by a “Yes” or “No” after each item to indicate whether they’re in working order. Since time immemorial, at least a few Sellers have misunderstood the “No” to mean, “No, I don’t have that item”...
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“I’ve Got Your Earnest Money Check Right Here. Seriously.”

New Real Estate Form:  “Earnest Money Receipt” “No one uses it.” “No one’s going to use it.” “It doesn’t work online.” The “it” in question is a new Realtor form, titled “Earnest Money Check,” that agents are being encouraged to use instead of faxing or emailing a copy of the Buyer’s actual check (the current practice)....
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