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Why Realtors Are All the Same Religion: Agnostic

Did you know that good Realtors are all the same religion? No, not Catholic or Jewish or Muslim. They’re agnostic . . . about neighborhoods (what did you think I meant, God??). Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Folks There are a handful of Realtors who live and exclusively sell in just one Twin Cities neighborhood. Like...
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What’s 100% of $0?

When to Bring in an “Insurance Agent” Question:  when is a real estate agent actually an insurance agent? Answer:  when they’re brought in to a deal by Realtor #1 who needs their expertise to clinch the listing. Every Realtor who’s been in business long enough has faced this conundrum:  a prospective client is considering hiring...
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"Cedar Lake Specialist" . . . Really?

Inflated Realtor Claims Does one sale make you an “area specialist”? That’s the claim being made by a Coldwell Banker Burnet agent who just sold a home about a block from where I live near Cedar Lake in Minneapolis. The agent’s flyer, which was just left on my door, trumpets “Just Sold” above a photo...
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