mortgage satisfaction

How Great Fielders and Great Closers Are Alike

Making a Catch — or a Closing “Save” — Look Easy “Paul Blair never made a great catch because he never had to; he was always standing under the ball when it came down.” –Earl Weaver, Baltimore Orioles manager; “Paul Blair, Center for Champions, Dies at 69.”  The New York Times (12/27/2013). How are great...
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“Can’t Get No (Mortgage) Satisfaction”

Title Trouble Call it “Revenge of the Sub-Prime Lenders.” Once upon at time, when interest rates were (also) zero but credit standards were non-existent, lots of homeowners tapped their homes for easy cash. Fast forward a decade or so, and lots of those lenders are now gone (as in, shut down by the FDIC), and...
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Exorcising Old Financial Ghosts

Pre-Closing Clean-Up — or, “Can’t Get No (Mortgage) Satisfaction” It could just be a consequence of handling more estate sales lately, but it does seem that I — and my clients’ closers — have been running into more issues with what I’ll call “financial ghosts.” The typical scenario involves a sale being handled by the (adult) surviving...
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