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The 3 Types of Markets: Seller’s, Buyer’s, and . . . . ???

Hint:  What’s In Between a Buyer’s and Seller’s Market? Along with most large metro housing markets, the Twin Cities has favored Sellers for so long — about 5 years now — that Buyers and Seller (if not their agents) can be forgiven for forgetting that there are two other kinds of markets. The first is...
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Key Twin Cities Housing Statistics: “2.6,” “2.4,” “3.2,” “3.1”

Listing Inventory:  How Many Months’ Supply? It takes a little deciphering, but those four numbers represent how many months of housing supply are currently available in St. Louis Park, Southwest Minneapolis, Golden Valley, and Minnetonka, respectively. The significance? All four of those markets are well below the 4-6 months considered indicative of a “balanced” housing...
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