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Realtor to Client: ‘Don’t Think of It as $10,000. Think of It as $40/month”

(Too) Affordable Monthly Payments One of the best ways to deal with (financial) objections is to whittle them down to size. As salespeople know, there’s no better way to make a big(ger) number seem smaller than to shrink it into monthly payments. So, that extra $10,000 you might have to pay to get a house now...
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Things That Cost About $100 a Month: Cable TV, Cellphones, Leased Cars (Leased Cars??)

“Lease a Dodge Dart for $129 a Month!” OK, so maybe I’m not reading the fine print. And, I realize that things like tax, license and registration can add another $1,500 or $2,000 to the cost of the car — not to mention ownership expenses like insurance, gas, and maintenance. But, as Labor Day Weekend approaches, it’s...
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How to Get a $560k House for the Cost of a $525k House

Jumbo vs. Conforming Loans How do you get a $560k house for the cost of a $525k house? No, it has nothing to do with negotiation, bargain hunting, or otherwise outmaneuvering home sellers. Rather, it’s strictly a financing play. Namely, by moving up just a little in price, Buyers today can avail themselves of cheaper jumbo loans (over $417k),...
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