Will Urban Refugees Turn Montana, Elsewhere Purple (or even Blue)??

Other Candidates: Nevada, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, South Dakota Reader #1: “Montana is beautiful. But it’s too red-state for me.” Reader #2: “Travel out to Missoula and other populated parts of Montana and you’ll see they are generally educated and liberal leaning like anywhere else in the country.” Reader #3: “Missoula is a blue...
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“Is That 8 a.m. Mountain, or 8 a.m. Pacific?”

Time Zone Trivia One of the quirks of doing business in far Northwest Montana — in this case, with a local logging company — is determining whose time zone applies. The company rep and I had agreed on an 8 a.m. breakfast meeting in tiny Troy, Montana, just 10 miles from the Idaho border (and...
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