Coming Soon? Marriott + Starwood + Delta + Hertz + Comcast + AT&T

First Rental Cars, Now Hotels Consolidate It’s been awhile since I studied Anti-Trust in law school, but it sure looks to me like a couple consumer-oriented industries are getting awfully concentrated. And I’m not just talking about airlines and cable companies. The latest example of “the urge to merge”:  Marriott Hotels gobbling up competitor Starwood...
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What Comes After Record Airline Profits?

Sell High, Buy Low — & Look Out For Competitors Being an ardent free marketer at heart, I don’t think government should do anything — at least directly — about airfares that remain at nosebleed levels even as airlines’ fuel costs collapse and their profits soar. Instead, I think government should focus on steps to increase competition....
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Is Goldman Sachs Following in Microsoft’s Footsteps?

Who Will be the “Google” of Wall Street?Anyone else feeling a sense of deja vu here? The last time a corporation — U.S. or otherwise — inspired as much sheer disdain, disgust, and outright hostility as Goldman Sachs does now was Microsoft almost 20 years ago. At the time, Microsoft was beginning to practically gush...
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