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Including Floor Plans — or Not — on MLS Listings

Deal Makers & Deal Breakers I don’t know about other housing markets, but at least in the Twin Cities, it’s not customary to include floor plans in MLS listings. In fact, I’d estimate that fewer than 1% of all listings have them. The two exceptions I’m aware of:  1) new construction, especially upper bracket and...
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The Right — and Wrong — Way to Telegraph Seller Motivation

“Some Day, Son, This Will All Be Yours” It’s a given that, in a market of some 20,000-plus Twin Cities home sellers at the moment, some are more motivated than others. Which ones? You can usually tell by how well each home is priced, staged, marketed, etc. But there’s another, surefire way to know that a...
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$2,000 a Bedroom

Powderhorn Park Duplex for $18,000Where: 30xx 11th Ave. South, in Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park neighborhood.What: listed on MLS as a duplex with 8 Bedrooms and 4 Baths, “rehab needed.”How much: Listed for $19,000; sold for $18,000 (tax assessed value = $83,500).When: listed 9/15; closed 10/21. Clients asked me to look up how much this South Minneapolis...
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"Traditional Seller" — Decoded

Mom, Apple Pie — and No Banks Probably the most popular term on MLS at the moment — right after “mint,” “move-in condition,” and “experienced short sale agent” — is “traditional seller.” No, that doesn’t mean the owners believe in “Mom and apple pie,” dress conservatively (no face jewelry or tattoos), or otherwise have an...
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"S 53X119X86X129" vs. "553x119x86x129"

Listing Info Typo’s Notice the difference between the two strings of numbers above? (both are lot measurements for a home just listed on MLS). You would if you saw “553 x 119 x 86 x 129” on MLS, and then looked at the line immediately above it, which says that the home is on a...
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