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The Home With a “Variable” Lot Size

High Tide and Low Tide?? I’ve certainly seen “For Sale” homes with irregular lot sizes. That can occur in all kinds of situations: when a home is on a cul-de-sac; when it backs up to wetlands (the resulting lots often resemble pie slices); and generally anywhere further from the city center, where the standard 40′...
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The “Can-You-See-the-Kids-From-the Kitchen” Test

Stealth Objection (Deal Breaker?) for Home Buyers With Small Kids It’s not a field on MLS (yet), but maybe it should be: whether you can see the kids in the backyard from the Kitchen. That criterion isn’t important for every Buyer, but for the ones it is . . . it can be huge. At least in my...
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203(k) Rehab Loans: Guilt by Association?

Ways to Finance a Home Purchase One of the more obscure fields on MLS lists the various kinds of financing the Seller will accept, or may be available to buy the home. So, it’s typical to see “Conventional” (federally guaranteed mortgages under $417k), “FHA,” “DVA” (Department of Veteran Affairs), and “Jumbo” (loans over $417k) —...
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The Pass-Through Garage

Something New Under the Sun In a decade-plus in residential real estate, I’ve seen:  one-car garages (lots); two-car garages; three-car garages; four-car garages; five-car garages; tandem garages; no garage . . . and probably a couple other configurations as well. I’ve also seen listing agents (or homeowners) mistakenly bill a two-car garage as a “double-car...
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Surprise Deal Breaker for Family Buyers

Test your knowledge of the housing market, and identify which of the following can be a deal breaker for many family buyers with young children: A. Not enough Bedrooms on one level. B. Dated Kitchen and/or Bathrooms. C. Busy street. D. No view of the backyard from the Kitchen. Answer:  all of the above. While choices A, B,...
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