March 16, 2021

Buyer’s Agent: “So, What’s the Seller’s Real Bottom Line??”

Listing Agent Retort: “I’ll Tell You Right After You Tell Me How High the Buyer is Willing to Go” You (almost) never hear a listing agent (representing a Seller) say to a Buyer’s agent at the outset of negotiations: “let’s cut to the chase; what’s the most your Buyer will pay for my client’s property?”...
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The Home With a “Variable” Lot Size

High Tide and Low Tide?? I’ve certainly seen “For Sale” homes with irregular lot sizes. That can occur in all kinds of situations: when a home is on a cul-de-sac; when it backs up to wetlands (the resulting lots often resemble pie slices); and generally anywhere further from the city center, where the standard 40′...
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Realtor Compliments on Broker Tour

Realtor “Atta-Boy”: “Nice Listing!” A new listing has a surprising number of parallels with the opening of a Broadway play. There’s the opening night anticipation. There are the hopes (and fears) about whether the audience (prospective Buyers) will like it. And there can be a sense of dread about what the toughest critics will have...
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