missing key

Lockbox Malfunction? No Big Deal. Smart Key Malfunction? Disaster

Hitting the Buyer’s Agent Panic Button “Real estate — and to a lesser extent, life — is all about perseverance.  Things go wrong.  Keys get lost.  Deals fall through.  Keys get misplaced.  Uhh . . . a lot of it has to do with keys.” –Phil Dunphy; “Modern Family” sitcom What’s the difference between a...
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(More) FSBO Mistakes

Is Anyone Home?  Anyone?? As I’ve noted from time to time, For Sale By Owners (“FSBO’s”) are prone to multiple mistakes, any one of which can easily negate (or worse) any money such Sellers hope to save on commission. See, “FSBO Mistake #1 (and #2, #3, etc.)”; “FSBO Mistake #4“; “FSBO Mistake #37.” Along with the...
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Multiple Offers . . . in Progress

“Hmm, I Wonder Where That Lockbox Key Went??” An interesting little contest is shaping up over a certain Twin Cities foreclosure that came on the market yesterday for 50% of its tax assessed value. I am withholding the address because I have a client interested in buying it, but here’s the background: A saved search...
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