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Why the Odds of Missing a Return Flight Are Triple the Odds of Missing an Outbound Flight – Especially If You’re Traveling West

Example:  Flying Chicago to Denver Roundtrip Ok, so I made up the “missed plane” statistic. But, I don’t think I’m wrong. Here’s the explanation:  when a (over)busy professional books a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Denver, they’re invariably rushing/distracted, etc. when they input their flight times on their smartphone (assuming they do). So, they neglect...
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How to Raise Devout, Punctual, Rule-Abiding Children

Regression to the Mean — or Reverse Psychology? Twelve years on (the age of my oldest, of three total), I believe I have stumbled upon the secret to rearing children who are devout, punctual, and rule-abiding:  be none of those things. It will so irk your kids that they will be the opposite. Plan B: ...
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