Minneapolis mayor

“Matthew McConaughey for President!?!?” (Guess Who’s Using “Ranked Choice Voting”)

Behind the Scenes at the Oscars “There are about 1,100 actors in the Academy, by far its largest branch. Naturally, they don’t all have the same opinion. Some responded more to “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Dallas Buyers Club” or “Nebraska,” all best picture nominees as well. Marking those or the other contenders ” “Her,”...
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When Being Close Counts: Horseshoes . . . Hand Grenades . . . Ranked Choice Voting(?!?)

Minneapolis Mayoral Race 2013 As the saying goes, “close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and slow dancing.” To those three, now add a fourth:  so-called “ranked choice voting” — also known as “instant run-off voting” — which is how Minneapolis will select its next Mayor this Tuesday. I happen to be a HUGE proponent...
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