Minneapolis luxury rental

Calhoun Towers** in Southwest Minneapolis Gets a Makeover — and a New Neighbor (in 2018)

No More Penthouse Storage If ever there was an overlooked (if not long-neglected) commercial property in the Twin Cities, it was Calhoun Towers just northwest of Lake Calhoun in Southwest Minneapolis (note: the street address is 3430 List Place, but the locals commonly refer to it as “the high-rise behind Whole Foods”). Twenty-one stories tall with 360° views...
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Iconic Real Estate Numbers and Addresses

What’s in a Number? “One World Trade Center.” “Nine West” (as in, “Nine West 57th”).  “30 Rockefeller Center” (“30 Rock”). “90210” (as in, “Beverly Hills 90210”).  “1800” vs. “1738 Lake” It’s hard to explain why some real estate numbers & addresses attain iconic status  . . . and others don’t. Certainly, it helps if the number is catchy-sounding (“90210”),...
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