Minneapolis Farmer Market

Rhubarb Soup? Maybe Rhubarb Ice Cream?? What Would Be on the Menu Today if Chez Panisse Were in Minneapolis

“Do You Have the Thyme?” Berkeley restaurateur and Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters has a famously organic, “bottoms-up” approach to cooking. Namely, she goes to the local farmer’s market, and hones in on whatever catches her eye (and I suppose, nose). It’s easy to guess what Waters would have noticed at the Minneapolis Farmer’s market...
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Heirloom Tomato Cracks: “Bug” or “Feature?”

Give credit to the vendor at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market this morning:  better to proactively address Buyers’ objections, than play defense reacting — assuming they get the chance. Of course, when it comes to food, “the proof is in the pudding,” as they say. I’m happy to report that the tomatoes were delicious! See also, “Low-Tech...
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Good News & Bad News About Parking at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market

Analog vs. Digital Parking Meters The bad news about parking at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market? (open since late April, if you weren’t aware):  you’ll have to pay for it. The good news:  you won’t have to pay very much, at least on a Sunday in late May. I was about to dump additional quarters in...
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Mum’s the Word (Hydrangeas??)

If you’re lucky (we are), you have beautiful mums like these blooming in your yard. If you’re not, head down to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market and pick up a gorgeous bouquet (like the ones pictured below) for $6(!). Gorgeous . . .  P.S.:  Maybe a botanist can explain why tulips, peonies, and mums — all...
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