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Paying Attention to What the Listing DOESN’T Say

MLS: “3rd Bedroom on Upper Level is Large & Has Lots of Storage” There’s certainly nothing wrong with an Upper Level Bedroom (pictured above) that’s large and has lots of storage. But, what’s notable — at least to me — is what’s omitted. Errors of (C)omission Namely, any mention of a Bathroom, or whether the...
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(Late) Winter Walk Shortcut

Thinking Outside the Box Inside the Circle I wouldn’t try it even a week from now — local temps are supposed to soar into the 60’s soon. However, at least for now, there’s a quick shortcut for anyone running late on their walk around Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun: cut across the ice. 🙂 Have a nice...
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Can You Paint Stucco? Answer: “You Betcha!”

Before and After Pix Painting stucco, a cement-based siding, used to be a “no-no”:  the exterior paint didn’t adhere well, which meant that, forever after, the home needed frequent re-painting. Which sort of defeated the purpose of stucco in the first place: its famously low maintenance. Now, thanks to more stucco-friendly products, the interval between re-painting...
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“What’s the Highest Point in Hennepin County?”

There sure seems to be some confusion on that, umm . . . point. I’m aware of at least three different properties in the west “burbs ” none close to one another ” that all claim that status. For the record, according to Hennepin County’s website, the highest spot is located on Williston Road near...
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How to Tell if a Home Has a Converted, 1-Car Garage Without Going Inside

“The Curb Cut Clue” ” and the Clincher It’s not always the case. But, +90% of the time, when there’s a curb cut (and possibly driveway) in front of a home that leads nowhere . . . the owner (or a previous one) converted what had been a 1-car garage into finished square feet. Clue...
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Real Estate Abbreviations (or not): “FSF,” “FSZ,” “FP,” “FR,” & “FD” (“FD”?!?)

Doesn’t “FD” Stand for “Fire Department??” Things should be made as simple as possible ” but not simpler.” —Albert Einstein I’m all for making things simpler when it comes to real estate terminology. But, there comes a point where it . . . becomes kind of silly. Exhibit A: showing instructions that refer to the...
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