February 12, 2021

The Best Realtor Blog in the U.S.?* You’re Reading It!!

“City Lakes Real Estate Blog” Tops the List (Google’s) So, how do you get to be the best Realtor blog in America? Start with a daily post featuring a topical bit of real estate-related news or analysis (usually). Then, write 6-8 more such pieces the same week. Finally — and here’s the hard part —...
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Can You Paint Stucco? Answer: “You Betcha!”

Before and After Pix Painting stucco, a cement-based siding, used to be a “no-no”:  the exterior paint didn’t adhere well, which meant that, forever after, the home needed frequent re-painting. Which sort of defeated the purpose of stucco in the first place: its famously low maintenance. Now, thanks to more stucco-friendly products, the interval between re-painting...
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