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How to Tell if a Home Has a Stealth Plumbing Leak — Without Calling a Plumber

“So, T-H-A-T-‘S What That Dial Is For!” Thanks to Minneapolis City plumbers Doug Anderson and Rod Petrik, I now know what that small blue dial on my home’s water meter does. Make that, my brand new water meter — replaced last week, courtesy of the city, in a speedy 30 minutes by the same gentlemen. According...
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Why Is Calling Something (or Someone) “Tasteless” an Insult?

The Color Taste of Water Water usually doesn’t have a taste, and people don’t object to that. Ditto for celery. So why is calling something — like a comment, a work of art, or an article of clothing — “tasteless” a dis? “Taste-Free” vs. “Tasteless” Clearly, what the speaker intends to say is, “in bad taste.”...
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The Bloom Comes Off Theranos’ Holmes: From Iconic Visionary to Tainted Flash in the Pan, in 2 Photos

The King Queen Has No Clothes (Other Than Black) “U.S. Probes Theranos Complaints” —Headline; The Wall Street Journal (Dec. 21, 2015) If you’re not familiar with blood testing start-up Theranos, here’s the Reader’s Digest version:  wunderkind founder Elizabeth Holmes drops out of Stanford at 19 years old, comes up with a revolutionary (and vastly cheaper)...
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