Minneapolis Advantage

Mpls Advantage Program — Update

“Going, Going . . . Gone”According to my office’s in-house mortgage lender — Steve Mohabir of Edina Mortgage — the cupboard is almost bare at Minneapolis’ loan program for first-time Buyers, called Minneapolis Advantage. Specifically, only 4 loans are left out of 100 originally made available. According to Mohabir, other municipal loan programs around the...
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Mpls. Advantage Program

Home Buyer Incentives: Mpls. Click here for the latest eligibility information on Minneapolis’ Advantage program. Limitations are by property type (foreclosed or vacant); income; and neighborhood (mostly north and central). According to the Web site, the program “offers 200 loans at $10,000 each that can be used to pay for closing costs, down payment, or...
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$10,000 Loans to 200 Buyers

Mpls. Offers Biggest Home Buyer Carrot Yet Starting April 2, the Minneapolis Advantage program will provide $2 million to fund 200 $10,000 deferred loans to buyers of foreclosed homes in certain Minneapolis neighborhoods. The loan is forgiven if the homeowner lives in the house at least five years. Information about the program will be available...
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