Identifying Markers: Marine Mammals vs. Minivans, or, “The OTHER 50 Shades of Grey”

Lookalikes?  Not to Their Owners Supposedly, marine biologists can distinguish amongst very similar-looking dophins, whales, and walruses by their distinctive markings. In the same way, I can identify my family’s slate gray minivan — in a sea of near-identical gray minivans — by its distinctive pattern of dings and scuffs. Exception:  Newborns The principle even...
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Minivan Look-alike’s

I’m not saying the Edina Perkins was jammed with families earlier this morning. But put it this way:  I walked up to two other, gray Honda minivan’s before finally finding my own, and successfully opening it. Like ours, each of the other minivans was full of car seats, empty soda cans, and various detritus that will...
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