Millennial Buyer

“Marketing Across the Table”: In or Out of Bounds?

When It’s Poaching — and When It’s Not Is it ever OK to go after another Realtor’s clients? I’d say “yes” — with a major caveat. Namely, it’s OK for Realtors market to another agent’s clients AFTER the deal closes. That’s especially so if the home or Buyer is already in the agent’s geographic farm or sphere of influence...
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Star Tribune Makes Life Difficult for Twin Cities Realtors. Again.

Newspaper Headline:  “Motivated Buyers Sparked Twin Cities Home Sales to a Record Pace in June” Once again, Twin Cities Realtors are going to have to explain to their clients brandishing the latest housing news headlines why all is not as it may seem. Specifically, even in a Seller’s market — which continues to characterize the...
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Explaining Buyer Behavior (or at Least, Millennials’)

Pre-Thanksgiving Cabin Fever?? Want a good explanation why Millennials and Generation Z-types — roughly, people aged 20 to 35 years-old — were AWOL from the housing market this past Summer? It was Summer! (Duh). So, why do they seem more active now? Thanks to the suddenly not-so-benign Twin Cities weather, many are now cooped up ....
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