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Movie Review: “The Big Short” Entertains, But First it Has to Educate

What’s a Little Didacticism in a Movie With Margot Robbie & Brad Pitt? Are collateralized debt obligations (“CDO’s”) easier to understand when a gorgeous Margot Robbie — enjoying a champagne bubble bath — explains them? (maybe, if you’re not too distracted). How about when the teacher is Selena Gomez or Chef Anthony Bourdain? That’s the...
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Who — or What — Really Caused The Flash Crash?

The Guy Who Gave Living With Your Parents* a REALLY Bad Name “Stupidity isn’t a crime. Still, it would be interesting to know who, at this particular poker table, on this particular day, was the fool.” –Michael Lewis, “Crash Boys“; Bloomberg View (4/24/2015) From what I know and read, I think it’s as likely that...
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Michael Lewis on What’s Wrong with Wall Street

. . . & By Implication, Modern America “When you see others . . . doing stuff at the expense of the broader society, your first reaction, at least early in your career, might be to call them out, but your considered reaction will be to keep mum about it. And when you see people making...
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From “Tall Paul” to “Tiny Tim”: Parsing the Puzzle(s) of Tim Geithner, 5+ Years After “The Crash”

In Over His Head (The $64B Question:  ‘How’d He Get There?’) At least to me, the truly provocative question about former Treasury Secretary and New York Federal Reserve President Tim Geithner isn’t what was going on at the senior-most levels of government during the height (depth?) of The 2008 Financial Crash (sorry, “Great Recession” is a...
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Michael Lewis’ Growing List of Enemies

“Flash Boys” Fallout:  The Various Shades of Red Michael Lewis’ list of enemies — many inspired by his new book, “Flash Boys” — just got longer. That’s because of the stock market fallout in the wake of Lewis’ book, out last week, which peeled back the curtain on how high frequency trading (“HFT”) really works,...
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(Masterfully) Rolling Out Michael Lewis’ New Book

Plugging “Flash Boys” on 60 Minutes, Etc. [Editor’s Note:  see also this later post, “Michael Lewis’ Growing List of Enemies“] How good is Michael Lewis’ new book, “Flash Boys?” I don’t know — I haven’t read it (it’s due to be released later this week). But, I give his marketing campaign for the new book...
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