I Know Why That Upper Lip is Stiff (It’s Frozen!)

Stoic Minnesotans, Mid-Fall 2018 Edition What do Minnesotans say when overnight low’s — in mid-November! — drop into the single digits? (never mind that the windchill Friday night was below zero). No, not “OMG, it’s #@%$# cold!!” Try, “It’s getting kinda  . . . chilly out there” (yup, “chilly”). That’s it. If that seems crazy to...
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Florida’s Tallest Point (and how to get there)

2017 Travel Tips How do you get to the tallest point in Florida? Take an elevator (seriously). According to today’s Wall Street Journal: At 345 feet above sea level, Florida’s tallest natural point, Britton Hill, stands less than half the height of Miami’s tallest building, and is the lowest of America’s high points. –“Climb Every...
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Which U.S. City Was Warmest Yesterday?

“Go West North Young Man” Which city had the warmest weather yesterday? A. Los Angeles B. Phoenix C. Miami D. Minneapolis Correct answer:  “D.”  (the Twin Cities were a balmy 92° yesterday). No, it doesn’t make any sense to me. But, it sure was nice! See also, “Winter Humor:  Minnesota vs. Miami (& Elsewhere).“
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Winter Weather Humor, Updated

“The Postman Always Rings Twice Wears Shorts” With yet another blast of cold air gripping the Twin Cities (high temp today:  -5° below; windchill -30° below), I realized that my earlier post on Winter humor had a glaring omission. Here’s the updated version: 10 above: Twin Cities postal delivery workers put on long pants. Anyone...
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Minneapolis vs. Miami vs. Malibu (“3 M’s”)

A Tale of Two Cities Three Waterfronts [Editor’s Note:  while I know my hometown, Minneapolis, quite well, I’m less familiar with Miami and Malibu.  What I know about the latter two is based on brief visits and articles I’ve read.] While featuring different styles and sensibilities (not to mention very different climates), somewhat surprisingly, Minneapolis, Miami,...
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Review: Tom Wolfe’s “Back to Blood”

Epic . . . Slog “It’s like a dog walking on its hind legs.  It’s not done well, but the surprise is that it’s done at all.” –Samuel Johnson Sad to say, that’s my take on octogenarian Thomas Wolfe’s most recent (and last?) effort, “Back to Blood.” Who but Wolfe could conjure — for the...
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