Mistaken Meth Disclosure — on MLS!

Good Thing No One Saw It.  Not. My take on the meth disclosure on the standard Minnesota Seller Disclosure is the same as my view of accused murderers on the witness stand:  if you’re potentially capable of murder, you’re certainly capable of (and motivated to) lie about it under oath. In the same vein, someone...
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The (Second) Dumbest Line in the Residential Purchase Agreement

True (Non)Confessions First, my definition of “dumb”:  something that adds nothing to the contract — or worse, confuses things. In the former category? The line on the Financing Addendum where the Buyer is supposed to fill in the maximum interest rate on the mortgage they’re applying for (to buy the home). Too low an interest...
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“Yes, It’s Really Me”

Online Continuing Ed Verification Yes, it is me taking this exam. –Question at conclusion of online test That’s one of the sillier questions in online continuing ed courses these days. Think about it:  if you’re dishonest to take someone else’s online continuing ed, you’re probably also dishonest enough to lie about it. Runner-up dumb question:  the...
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