market seasonality

Twin Cities New Listings, 2005 – 2012

  Peaks, Troughs, and (September) Stubs Detect any patterns in the chart above? Here’s what I see: –Twin Cities new listings predictably peak each Spring, in late April/early May; –New listings reach their cyclical low each December; –Since the housing market top around 2006, both the new listing peaks and troughs have been successively lower, with one notable...
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Slowest Weeks of the Year

Showing Statistics The bad news? This is the slowest part of the year for the housing market. The good news? The three slowest weeks of the year are now behind us. In order of showing activity (most to least), they are: 3. The week straddling New Year’s2. The week straddling Thanksgiving1. The week straddling Christmas...
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"Sell in May & Go Away"

Best Selection vs. Best Deals Sell in May and go away. –stock market saying At least by lore, there are seasonally better (and worse) times to make moves in the stock market. Are there any equivalents in real estate? Absolutely. While seasonal timing can be trumped by events — Presidential elections, wars, expiring tax credits...
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