USA Today: ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Sells Malibu Home for $3.9 Million

Value is in the Land (Duh!) As both a Realtor and a self-confessed number cruncher, I couldn’t resist asking two questions after seeing the headline (above) in USA Today: One. What kind of annual return does that represent? To answer that, you (also) need to know that the actress Eve Plumb bought the 850 square...
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Minneapolis vs. Miami vs. Malibu (“3 M’s”)

A Tale of Two Cities Three Waterfronts [Editor’s Note:  while I know my hometown, Minneapolis, quite well, I’m less familiar with Miami and Malibu.  What I know about the latter two is based on brief visits and articles I’ve read.] While featuring different styles and sensibilities (not to mention very different climates), somewhat surprisingly, Minneapolis, Miami,...
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