Will Urban Refugees Turn Montana, Elsewhere Purple (or even Blue)??

Other Candidates: Nevada, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, South Dakota Reader #1: “Montana is beautiful. But it’s too red-state for me.” Reader #2: “Travel out to Missoula and other populated parts of Montana and you’ll see they are generally educated and liberal leaning like anywhere else in the country.” Reader #3: “Missoula is a blue...
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Popular Because . . . It’s Not (And Vice Versa)

How Popular Is That? First, Yogi Berra gave us the restaurant that was so popular, it was actually unpopular:  ‘no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” Now, NY Times travel writer Bill Pennington gives us the converse. According to Pennington, Maine ski mountain Sugarloaf is “popular because it’s not that popular.” Makes sense to...
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