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“Selling Sunset” (in Minneapolis, that is, not Los Angeles)

(Un)Reality TV Aw’ right. Find people who are worth at least $250 million, even if they’re not looking for a house. This house will sell itself ” just get ’em up here.” —Selling Sunset, “If Looks Could Sell.” [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent...
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Coronavirus and the Housing Market

Lower Interest Rates vs. Economic Uncertainty How will coronavirus affect the housing market? The answer likely depends on two questions: 1) which Buyers?; and 2) which segment(s) of the housing market — specifically, which price points? So, at the lower end of the market, especially in the Twin Cities, there remains an acute shortage of...
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The Downside(s) of Working With the Super-Rich (or so I hear)

Shedding (Crocodile) Tears for Luxury Real Estate Agents When Bill Gates, home seller, tells his Realtor after receiving an offer, “I think $20 million is too low — let’s wait for $30 million” (or $40 million, or ???) . . . you know he can. Can you say, “no (financial) motivation??” In a nutshell, that’s...
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